Share the SWEET Moment!


Bring people together to Share the Sweet Moment by offering premium quality beverages and desserts in an employee-owned, technology-driven, and socially attractive environment.

YAAAS TEA is a woman-led & employee-owned business. It focuses on growth for each team member that shares the same vision and values as our brand.

Every member of the YAAAS TEA staff is highly valued, and everyone has the opportunity and the obligation to make a difference.

The essence of YAAAS TEA consists of love, respect, kindness, and passion. These are our main ingredients for a successful story. Experience them through our premium products (bubble drinks, milk & iced teas, coffee, and bakery products), our business model, our customer service, and YAAAS TEA community feedback.

Share the SWEET Moment

Meet Kelly Zhou


Kelly Zhou is the CEO and Founder of YAAAS TEA. She was born and raised in a small village in the province of Fujian by her grandmother. Fujian is a province on the coast of China that produces hundreds of unique oolong and jasmine teas. Many of the Chinese restaurant owners in the United States also call Fujian home.

YAAAS TEA started because of her passion for entrepreneurship and technology, but most importantly because she aims to bridge cultures and to deliver the most authentic and delicious Asian treats in the American market.

“I have always had a passion for tea. Growing up, my childhood memories were filled with sweet moments of family and friends sitting together and enjoying the tea and desserts my grandma made.” During college, coffee also became a big part of her life. Graduating with a degree in business and technology, Kelly combined her love of tea, coffee, and desserts with her obsession with technology and women-owned business entrepreneurship. 

“We are constantly sourcing the best technology in the business and strategizing to be the most effective in a fast paced environment.  I decided to create a brand that not only efficiently prepares and serves premium sweet drinks and desserts, but a brand that customers are looking forward to creating and elevating moments with family and friends. “

Kelly hopes that YAAAS TEA success will inspire younger women to always seek to achieve more in life through hard work and putting passion in what they do. Speaking about her grandmother, who Kelly cites as her biggest influence, she says, “My grandma is the strongest woman I have ever met in my life. She is my lifelong role model for being an independent woman, and where I get the courage and determination to live every day like it is my last day. “ 

She is energized by helping other motivated and passionate people to learn, improve their skills, and achieve their dreams. She sees YAAAS TEA as a vehicle to empower others to achieve success. In order to do so, she focuses on growth for employees and partners. “We are true believers in hard-work, integrity, and in treating everyone with kindness and respect. We value people and the concept of employee owned business.”

With the YAAAS TEA Growth Plan the employee has the chance to become a real YAAAS TEA owner. This plan outlines the ways to be successful and it includes bonuses, promotions, ways of investing and gaining profit, and many more professional development opportunities. “We highly value the truly passionate, with great work ethic and dedicated to growth. Our process of selecting employees, partners and franchisees is very strict, but is very rewarding to those that fit our criteria.”

Kelly is the embodiment of a strong drive and work ethic, reflective in a brand built with passion, dedication, and integrity. A flavorful, efficient and reliable source for the sweetest moment.